Become a Sponsor

There are two ways to sponsor a child. You can click on the donation button below and we will pair you with a student in need of a sponsor. If you prefer to be more hands on, you can scroll through the pictures below and pick a student to sponsor. Click on the picture and you can donate through that student’s page directly.

There are also two ways to pay. You can make a one time donation of $300 or you can donate $25 per month for the year. Either way, your student’s life will be changed!

Making the donation is just the beginning! These students need love, prayers, and support. Print out their picture. Know their name. Pray for them. Prepare a gift for them. You may even want to plan to visit them on one of our trips to Haiti! These kids need hope. We want each of them to place their trust in Jesus for their lives and their futures. We can offer them hope through encouragement and the knowledge that someone in America knows their name and is thinking of them and praying for them. Your sponsored child will be praying for you too! Thank you for investing in the future of Haiti.

Monthly donations setup

Sponsor one child or several for a whole year with a one time $300 donation per child. Simply click on the button above to donate.