THANK YOU for visiting Haiti Sponsorship! We are committed to making a difference in the lives of people in Haiti, and we can’t do it without faithful help. Our mission is to share the love of Jesus Christ with families in Haiti by helping them with their greatest needs.

Education, food, and shelter and are the three areas of help that we deliver to the people in Haiti.

School Sponsorship
Many families in Haiti can’t afford the cost of education for their children. Our mission is to step in to support those families by matching their children with a sponsor that can help to cover the cost of sending their children to school. Books, tuition, uniforms, socks, shoes, belts, hair bows, and school supplies can be overwhelming for a family that can’t even afford food. That’s where you come in.

For $350 per year you can fully support a child to go to school. It can be paid in full by a one time donation or by a simple donation of $30 per month. Your support not only sends a child to school, it also gives a family hope! You can develop a relationship with your sponsored child and even go on a trip to meet them and let them see in person the love have for them.

Food Packaging
In a world where starvation is a reality, there is no greater gift than food. We held dying babies and cared for malnourished children on a daily basis. Mothers that couldn’t breast feed their children because they were so underfed themselves would arrive at our door desperate for help. We have developed a program that allows volunteers to pack life saving packages of rice and dried vegetables that are shipped to family and feeding programs that support the 1500 children in the schools we support.

It costs us $5.00 to package 20 meals or $60 for a box of $240 meals. You can participate by being involved in one of our packaging events or donating to cover the cost of the rice/vegetable mixture.

Providing Shelter
Most families in Haiti live in single room homes with block or rock walls, tin roofs, and dirt or concrete floors. The one room houses are rented by the families on a one year basis. The average cost to rent a home for a year in the area where we work is about $250 for the entire year. By making a donation, you are allowing single mothers to concentrate on providing food for their children and not worrying about losing their homes.

Whether you feel led to make a specific donation or a general donation to cover expenses such as shipping food or paying our Haitian missionaries that work in Haiti to implement the programs that we have established, we know you will be blessed by your participation. The people in Haiti will never forget your generosity. Thank you for your support.